Cambridge World Shakespeare Online is a digital workspace and reference resource supporting research and collaboration among scholars, teachers, students and performers worldwide. CWSO will integrate the Cambridge World Shakespeare Encyclopedia, a general reference work, with Shakespeare’s complete works and other CUP holdings. Significant portions of this content will be accessible through a free, open and customizable workspace for general readers (the “home edition”). Additional functionality and content will be available by subscription for students, teachers, scholars, and theater professionals (the “professional edition”). CWSO will support external searches of partner archives in an encyclopedic, rational and dynamic way. An international team of scholars is developing core content.

An NEH Digital Humanities Start-up Grant is supporting workshops in several locations worldwide, 2009-2011, allowing librarians, scholars, performers, teachers and students to contribute to the conception and design.

9/2011: We are pleased to announce the award of a Level 2 NEH Digital Humanities grant for “MyShx”, our mobile script unit, described at more length on the “Timeline” page.